Bike Shop & Bikes for Sale in Keene, NH

Mountain Bikes: Whatever terrain you’re on, our mountain bikes can tackle it. From rocks on single track to potholes in the city. Women-specific mountain bikes available!

Road Bikes: Wherever there’s a road, there you are. We’ve got bikes for all kinds of road riding from racing to touring. Women-specific road bikes available!

Fat/Plus Tire Bikes: Roll over practically anything with our Fat/Plus Tire Bikes from Trek, Scott, and Framed!! Tire sizes ranging from 2.8in -4.8in (We do have studded tires in stock and stud ready tires!)

City & Bike Paths: For gravel trails, city streets and boardwalks, these bikes feature an upright riding position to make cycling more comfortable. They’re ideal for commuting, fitness or just plain fun.

BMX & Kids Bikes: Norm’s has a solid collection of BMX bikes that provide full-on traction and durability. And from training wheels to loaded mountain bikes, kids can also find the bike they want and need.