Bike Shop & Bikes for Sale in Keene, NH

Mountain Bikes: Whatever terrain you’re on, our mountain bikes can tackle it. From rocks on single track to potholes in the city. Women-specific mountain bikes available!

Road Bikes: Wherever there’s a road, there you are. We’ve got bikes for all kinds of road riding from racing to touring. Women-specific road bikes available!

Fat/Plus Tire Bikes: Roll over practically anything with our Fat/Plus Tire Bikes from Trek!! Tire sizes ranging from 2.8in – 4.8in (We do have studded and stud ready tires in stock for FAT BIKES!)

City & Bike Paths: For gravel trails, city streets and boardwalks, these bikes feature an upright riding position to make cycling more comfortable. They’re ideal for commuting, fitness or just plain fun.

Kids Bikes: Norm’s has a solid collection of Kids Bikes, ranging in 12in.- 24in. wheels that provide full-on traction and durability. And from training wheels to loaded mountain bikes, kids can also find the bike they want and need.

BMX Bikes: We carry a small selection of BMX by Stolen Bikes, Radio and We the People.. (when available from the Vendor)

New Bike General Info: Buying your new bike from a professional bicycle store instead of a department store, you’re ensured proper function, fit and safety. Bikes come in boxes and need to be assembled carefully and properly! We have experienced staff and each is bike is test ridden! Also before the bike leaves the store we go through the bike one more time to make sure everything is dialed in.

Hours & Directions

Sunday - Closed
Monday - 10am - 6pm
Tuesday -  10am - 6pm
Wednesday - Closed
Thursday - 10am - 6pm
Friday - 10am - 6pm
Saturday - 10am - 6pm

We are located at 62 Martell Court in Keene, NH which is on the intersection of Routes 12 & 101, and Main Street In Tax-Free New Hampshire.

See our Hours & Directions page for map.